“We Thrived with Less”

My husband and I lived a "we get by" lifestyle. We have a house payment, 2 car payments...all the usual bills. Because his job is salary it fell to me to pick up overtime for more money. In October of 2018 I got injured at work. I went from 50+ hours a week to only 30 while on light duty. It was terrifying. We were robbing Peter to pay Paul. Christmas was not good that year. Things weren't looking good. I was not recovering. Surgery was discussed. I was on the verge of losing my job. I finally gave in to a friend of mine who repeatedly invited me to attend church with her. Something in me changed at that service. I jumped in to small group, Bible study, started volunteering, and nagged my daughter until she relented and joined me too. I had surgery in February 2019 and lost my job in May 2019. Because it was a work injury, I receive comp. pay. It's not even close to what I brought home while working. Somehow, it's enough. We struggled sometimes when I was bringing home more pay, and yet here we are, not just getting by, but actually saving money. When covid hit my husband lost his job. Because we had been able to save money, our bills were still paid, groceries were still bought, and we donated to a food pantry. He has since found a new job that he enjoys so much more. I've had another surgery with the possibility of more to come. I know this would have been a disaster that would have led to us losing our home and possibly our cars too, if I hadn't gone to that first service, if she had gotten tired of asking me to join her, if my grandma hadn't taught me to tithe even if I didn't want to. It just doesn't make sense that we thrived with less. God is all over it and I am beyond thankful.

– Michelle, Crossing Online