Six Dollars Left

Wow! I don’t even know where to start. Who knew that getting the mail on Monday night would literally make me sob.
I attended Sunday’s service, in person, for the first time since having a new baby in July. This service was just one of those that resonated with me. You know, one of those that just confirms for you that you’re in the right place and renews your faith in Jesus when you’re feeling overwhelmed.
I have trusted Jesus in a lot of areas in my life, including the lives of my unborn children when I thought I might lose them and my marriage when things are really tough. I’ve thought about leaving and my own life when I’ve sometimes felt overwhelmed and felt I just can’t go on anymore. He’s always come through for me, but for some reason I’ve never felt that I trusted enough with my finances. Like we need to eat and have electric right? We are by no means wealthy, but we do well enough to afford a house, car and put food on the table for our children. I literally had $36 to my name on Sunday. I chose to give my usual weekly $10 and ask my kids to chose two people at school to buy a $10 gift card for. I immediately went and bought those two people a $10 gift card each, leaving me $6 in my account for the rest of the week and my kids off school for the next two days and needing groceries REALLY soon. I also really wanted to attend RISE, but just didn’t think I could make that happen this year.
When I opened the mail Monday evening I found not only one, but two blessings! My dad had entered us in a raffle last Christmas that pays out different amounts every week and we apparently won. There was a check for $100. I opened the next piece of mail and it was a $25 prepaid card from a rewards program that our veterinarian apparently put us in the last time we bought our dogs flea and heart worm preventatives. I had no idea!
I see you God!
Needless to say, I can’t wait for RISE this weekend!

– Laura, Quincy 48th Street