Paying it Forward

At the end of church service today, Ben explained that we could pick up an envelope with a denomination in it. We were then supposed to use it to bless someone. I accepted the envelope as I walked out the door. I waited until I got in my car to open it. I was surprised to see a $100 bill in it! I guess I didn't expect real money! I misunderstood what Ben had explained about the envelope. I thought there was going to be a card with a suggested denomination to bless someone with. So I was prepared to use my own money and step out in faith with whatever amount was suggested on the card. I was quite surprised when a saw a hundred dollar bill! This completely changed the task for me. I immediately thought about the parable that Jesus told about the talents that were entrusted to the servants. I then looked at the card that was in envelope. The card had many suggestions of ways to bless others. I held the card in my hand and asked the Lord to show me who and how I should bless. I had a lot of shopping to do in Macomb. As I entered each store I kept looking around at all the people. I would ask God to somehow let me know if there was someone there that needed a blessing. Nobody or nothing really came to mind until I entered my last store. I normally go to the self checkout line but this time I decided to go into a regular line. I was the 3rd person in line. I decided to pause and pray a short prayer. I prayed that if the Lord would bring someone in the line behind me, I would pay for their items. I waited as the 2 people in front of me checked out. I kept looking behind me to see if anyone showed up. It was now my turn to step up and unload. I looked behind me again but no one was there. I felt a little disappointed but thought, well God didn't intend for the blessing to happen here. Just then an older couple pulled up behind me. I heard the woman say "I am not sure we picked the correct line to stand in". I waited a few minutes then I turned to her and said "Ma'am, I believe you have chosen the correct line. You see I said a prayer before you came and I told the Lord whoever He brought in behind me, I would pay for their items". Her jaw dropped. Her husband said, "We are Christian also. You do not have to pay for us". I said, "Yes I do, the Lord has decided to bless you! I learned that this couple had just come here from Arizona because the wife's mother's health was not good. They were buying items to prepare for the winter. The wife was overjoyed and kept saying what a blessing it was that I was paying for them. She then asked what church I attended because they were looking for a church. I invited her to The Crossing explaining that it was a wonderful church. They both told me that they were going to pay this blessing forward. So who knows the ripple effect this $100 will have! And this couple may now become a member of our church family. God only knows! What a blessing this experience was to me today. God is good!

– Patty, Macomb