Our Miracle

Last year we were asked to share our story for Wreck the Roof. At first, Chad and I weren’t comfortable doing it. We didn’t feel we had a ‘story’ to share. After being asked a second time we agreed to do it. It was tough to do and say all we had been through. After we shared our story, I felt a sense of peace knowing that God had life planned for us and we had to accept that it wasn’t exactly our plan. We wanted more children so bad and with each month that passed after being diagnosed with cancer and going through chemo we knew the reality of that happening was far fetched. After many doctor appointments we had to accept the fact that we would only be blessed with one beautiful little girl. It wasn’t easy because that is not the life we had planned, but we had to trust in God and follow his plan. After we shared our Wreck the Roof video, I felt a sense of peace and was finally ok knowing that was how our life was supposed to go.
Three months after our video was shown in church, we found out we were expecting another child. A child that doctors said would never be able to happen. After several doctor appointments, we had heard the words “you have a miracle on your hands” more than one time. We proceeded with caution not to let our guard down for many months thinking maybe this was too good to be true. Much to our surprise when we went to the hospital to deliver, one of the doctors we grew to like was on call that night. When it came time to call the doctor to come in, she told the nurses, “Don’t let her push, I am going to be there to catch that miracle baby being born!”

We left the hospital the next day and as we were leaving the hospital, we got to the elevator and I just stopped. As I looked down the hall, it all came rushing back to me. At the opposite end of the hallway is where I stayed for 5 nights when I had a colon resection surgery. 3 years earlier, I had been diagnosed with Stage 3 Colon Cancer and had to have 12 inches of my colon removed. I was at one of the lowest points of my life being in the hospital then. I knew what was ahead of me and hated every minute of it. I didn’t know if life would ever go on, but here I am now. I am at the elevator again on that same floor, except this time I am at the opposite end carrying a new baby home. A new baby that we were told would never be able to happen. God wanted me to see where I was 3 years ago, and then where He put me 3 years later after putting all of our faith and trust in Him. It is almost a year to the day that our Wreck the Roof video was shown in church. I just sit back in awe and thank God for every miracle he has performed in front of our eyes this past year.

– Nikki, Monmouth