“Land of C” Stories

What if every moment in your life is the moment God intended to stir the soul of your neighbor? We believe that each story has an eternal purpose and each of us has unique stories. That’s why we created this page. Join a community of believers who have felt God say, “follow me,” and have responded by taking the next step forward. We want to hear your story of stirring, of God taking you beyond what you’ve known before. In addition to sharing your story, we encourage you to use this page as a reminder that God is always working by reading the stories of others that are experiencing Him.

These stories have encouraged and inspired 113972 people to take bold steps in their faith and trust that God will take them to the Land of C.

My Grandma’s Legacy

Grandma grew up in the mountains of Virginia during the Great Depression, her father died when she was only 8 years old and her family moved…

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Simple Kindness Passed On

I am doing my best to raise my son to recognize opportunities to be kind to others. We decided that pizza might be a nice treat for the Jack…

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Faithful Every Step

I started attending the Crossing Pike County in 2013. At that time I was not a regular attender. I would go off and on, whenever the mood st…

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More Than Money

In August of 2018, my family went on the Wreck the Roof journey with The Crossing, looking for ways to give from our family’s income. We pra…

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Phone Plans and Jesus

I was at Best Buy getting help with my phone plan when she walked in. Standing close together while we waited in line I overheard that she w…

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From Last to First

I’m looking at a page from a desk calendar dated March 2nd, 1993. Its about 3×5 in size and I carry it with me in my Bible wherever I go to…

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An Unexpected Gift

I graduated from college with a substantial amount of student debt. So for my entire adult life finances have been a source of stress and an…

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A Christmas Evening Shift

We went to a movie on Christmas day and afterwards decided to eat dinner at a restaurant. Being that it was Christmas we only found one rest…

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Reflecting God’s Generosity

God has shown His faithfulness in so many ways through generosity. While tithing has been a part of my relationship with Jesus for a long ti…

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