In 2020, the world,
and ministry, changed…

Church… Online

Church looked different in 2020. Everything looked different in 2020. But even amidst the challenges we all faced this year, we praise God for His faithfulness to us. We thank God for your partnership in ministry throughout 2020, and we look forward to what He has in store for us next year. Check out the information below to see how God used The Crossing this year.

Statistics are reported by our fiscal year November 1, 2019 – October 31, 2020

Dear Crossing Church Family,

2020 has been the most challenging year in ministry that I have personally ever faced. It has been a time when so many things we can normally depend on have been uncertain. We’ve experienced racial unrest, political strife, and huge medical and economic challenges, all against the backdrop of the global pandemic of COVID-19. We had a plan for 2020, a great plan, but all of that changed last March. From that point, our locations closed down from March 8 until Father’s Day weekend, around June 14.  

Our facilities being closed for three months was surreal to me. Our schools closed, as well as offices, restaurants, gyms… everything that was not considered “essential.” Weddings, funerals, hospital visits, and visits to long-term care facilities ended as people were forced to make unprecedented adjustments. Even after the “lockdown” relaxed somewhat, our behavior was forced to completely change. No hugging, shaking hands, gathering, sports, reunions…families isolating from one another, quarantining because of exposure, contact tracing, testing lines, and days of waiting for results became our new normal.  

The news was, and is, full of negativity. Our television screens were streaming protests, marches, riots, looting, refrigerated trucks for bodies, mobile hospitals, and a general loss of civility. It felt like we were coming apart at the seams. Our locations finally began reopening, some only to close again with fresh outbreaks. Camp was canceled, preschool shut down, men’s conference shuttered, small groups quit meeting, and many of our normal ministry functions ceased. Reopening was limited to 50% of capacity and strict rules of social distancing.  We had to take temperatures, create a reservation system, specially-packaged communion…the list of challenges and obstacles goes on and on.

While I don’t want to minimize the difficulty and depression of all of that, I want to say that God never once abandoned us. Like the children of Israel living in the land of Goshen and in the wilderness, God took care of His people…He took care of us!

He made provision for us to communicate the gospel. He prepared us by enabling us to create a great digital platform years ago that was already dialed in and going. He prepared us with great tech and media teams and all the physical technology in place to communicate virtually on weekends and throughout the week.

He made provision for us to continue to be faithful to our staff. God provided enough staff to keep us going. While some moved on, we did not have to lay staff off, make changes to compensation, or reduce benefits. Spending reduced substantially and, like the manna in the desert, there was always enough.

He made provision for us by protecting our health. In such a tragic time for so many, the active members of The Crossing have been largely spared. While we have had our share of infections, some pretty serious hospitalizations, and only recently 2 deaths, I give God glory for His overall protection. Allison and I had Covid in July but were spared from any serious illness.

He made provision for us by keeping us contributing. Even though our generosity initiative was upended by the pandemic, faithful people continued to give. They gave enough to keep us going, keeping our bills paid without incurring new debt, and showing us ways to save we hadn’t considered before. While no surplus was produced, up to this point we have always had enough for another week of ministry.

He made provision for us to fill countless needs across our region. We were able to use our food pantries and expand them for mass food distribution. At some locations, lines of cars drove up to receive help in times of need. We partnered with schools to distribute food and to provide our church spaces for the changes in school schedules.

He made provision for us by bringing a harvest of souls. The thing that amazes me most through this difficult time is that God has never stopped encouraging human hearts to find that intimate personal relationship with His Son Jesus. We have seen 543 baptisms this fiscal year. Last year, we had 712, and that included those in a prison (149 last year) that has been shut down to us since March. Even with a three-month lockdown, there was never a week without a baptism and that streak goes back to at least 2008! To me, this is the most miraculous thing of all!

At this writing, a new vaccine is being distributed in record time, the election is over, rioting is no longer in our streets, and people are taking a hard look at our social inequities. It feels like we are closing this dark and challenging chapter and consigning it now to history. But like every year, we have no idea what the future holds. What we do know and have been shown throughout 2020 is Who holds our future!

A close friend and mentor of mine, Ken Idleman, encouraged me that when this pandemic was over, have something to show for it. Our locations are in the best shape they’ve ever been in, our staff is excited and hopeful for our future, our attendance is back to over 50% of our 2019 average, our giving is strong and steady, and the darkest clouds of the storm seem to be behind us. Until our Lord says, “Peace, be still!”, we will keep our hands on the rudder, steering in the direction of the sunrise, and trusting in the merciful hand of God.

Jerry Harris
Senior Pastor

Even though we couldn’t always meet together in person,
we are still amazed that we got to celebrate hundreds of baptisms this year.


God is always faithful and we see that in these new lives found in Him.

* Baptisms in 2020 calendar year

Church Stats

We are so thankful every year to celebrate decisions made for Christ, families introduced to the church, and every other step taken in faith. In 2020 we celebrated baptisms, people serving as difference makers, communities connecting in life groups and so much more. 

Difference Makers
Serving Weekly

People in
Life Groups


Average Monthly

Rise 2020 Attendees
(Virtual & In-Person)

Average Weekly Attendance
The Collective Young Adult Service
(Quincy & Macomb)

Easter 2020

Christmas Eve 2020
(In-person & online)

The Cure Bible Engagement Plan

In 2020, we undertook a journey through the New Testament through the sermon series The Cure. We recognize that the world was crying out for a cure to COVID-19, but more than that there was a need for a cure that could only be provided through Jesus. Over 1,000 people committed to engaging with scripture every day for seven months to be transformed by God’s word so that we could transform the world around us.

1,094 people read 7,957 verses, collectively reading 8,689,044 of God’s words!

COVID Relief

Doing ministry in our communities changed in 2020. Thankfully, our leaders and volunteers made quick adjustments to meet the needs of those around them and share the good news of Jesus with them in new ways. From blood drives and food packing to hosting remote learning sites and delivering care packages to first responders, God used your faithfulness to provide hope. Click through all of the campuses below to see how God worked through all of our locations in 2020.


Through 2020


Total Given

Total Given




Join the thousands who already give online in supporting God’s mission and His Kingdom
in our communities by setting up an online gift today.

For more information, please contact [email protected]

Crossing Kids

Our volunteers and staff committed to staying connected with the kids in their ministries. Throughout the year they met together for weekend services when they could, created online content, hosted zoom game nights, and created the &Me Family Faith Subscription Box to continue to invest in the faith of children.

Kids Attending
Each Week

Difference Makers Serving
In Kids Ministry
Each Week

Quincy & Macomb CKX
After School Program

Quincy & Macomb
Remote Learning Students

Quincy & Macomb
Preschool Students

Crossing Youth

In 2020, our Crossing Youth teams innovated to stay connected with students in their communities. From TikTok and Instagram live services to our first fully virtual student conference, we are thankful to celebrate the students who grew in their faith this year.

Fuse Average
Weekend Attendance

High School Average
Weekend Attendance

Encounter Conference

Fusion Events

Student Conference

Online Media

At The Crossing, we want to do whatever it takes to reach people who are far from God. This year we saw hundreds of thousands of interactions with our online and digital platforms. 


(The Crossing, Crossing Online, Crossing Camp, Uncommon, Events, Store, MDI)

  • 224,558 sessions
  • 952,800 page views


(The Crossing)

  • 85,563 devices

Church Online

Top Viewing Countries


  • USA
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • Chile


  • 5,214 new downloads
  • 43,408 media plays
  • 90,641 launches
  • 1+ million impressions

*Recognized by Subsplash as one of the fastest-growing new church apps in 2020. View Post

Social Media

When we couldn’t gather together in person, we connected online. Social media became a central way that we worshiped, learned, and served together in 2020.


people reached






people reached


post likes


total fans


media plays


unique viewers


hours watched





Reach: Unique number of people that saw posts
Engagement: Number of times people engaged with posts (share, comment, etc)
Reaction: Number of post reactions (like, love, etc)
Fan: A person that follows an account
Impression: Number of times a post is seen

Mission Partners

We are honored to work alongside eight mission partners, foreign and domestic, at The Crossing. While we could not travel to visit these partners this year, we are so thankful to continue to do ministry with them all around the world. Click below to see what God has done through our mission partners in 2020 and take a few moments to pray for them.
Reach India

Reach India

  • While travel was restricted, Reach India distributed over 1,000 COVID relief food bags to widows, government workers, and law enforcement officials in need.
  • Met the physical needs of the people who most desperately needed it while also meeting their spiritual needs.
Rapha House

Rapha House

  • Quickly implemented safety procedures to protect staff, families, and children incur.
  • Innovated new ways to keep the kids we serve engaged and healthy.
  • Praised God for the timely corporate grant that allowed upgrades to our wiring, routers, and computers throughout each aftercare campus and Kids Club location.
  • Maintained regular programming with our international teachers, counselors, and administrative staff.
  • US staff continued to support international projects and mission through creative fundraising and programming.
Love The Lou

Love The Lou

  • Witnessed life change in our graduates and in the communities we serve despite the toll COVID-19 took on our communities. 
  • Discipled students and their families to know Jesus and make changes to their lives.
  • Helped facilitate an apprenticeship for a graduate helping him take steps to build a better life. 
  • Connected with Christian business owners to create more opportunities for internships.
  • A family we partnered with stepped up in their community to deliver groceries to her neighbors. She built a team of volunteers that served 160 families consistently.
FNC Uganda

FNC Uganda

  • God’s faithfulness provided hope for over 240 students and more than 50 staff members
  • Expanded its territory within the FNC communities.
  • Provided feeding programs throughout the year in cooperation with local officials.
  • Offered medical and health care to students, staff, and community members opening opportunities to share the gospel with the surrounding community.
Pan De Vida

Pan De Vida

  • Launched micro-entrepreneurship seminar with over 30 entrepreneurs
  • Created a personalized channel in RightNow Media with all materials available to families
  • Distributed 10,500 food kits
  • Assisted 9,500 families throughout Quito, Guayaquil, Machala, Olon, Peguche, and Cotacach
  • Deployed an Emergency Hunger Relief Program
CAMP Myanmar

CAMP Myanmar

  • Continued to teach and disciple the people of Myanmar despite the challenges presented by COVID-19.
  • Prepared online services and studies for the 2021 year. 
  • Raised funds and found shelter for Rakhine refugees displaced by fighting in a nearby region.
  • Created a constitution for Myitkyina Christian Seminary to be published to showcase the school.
Well house

Well House

  • Provided outreach to at-risk women in the Quincy area
  • Housed women exiting incarceration and provided spiritual guidance, practical vocational training, and other services tailored to the specific need of each woman.
Fishers of Men

Fishers Of Men

  • Provided transitional housing for men transition from prison, homelessness, alcoholism, and drug addiction.
  • Assisted residents through spiritual, practical, financial, emotional, and social guidance. 

Donated through One Mission Café Sales*

Each time you buy something from one of our One Mission Cafés,
100% of the proceeds go to support our mission partners.

* These funds are in addition to the budgeted funds for our mission partners


In scripture, Jesus tells us not to love only in words and speech, but in action and truth. Our benevolence ministry puts the faith we profess with our mouths into action in our communities through financial support, employment opportunities, food pantries, and so many other opportunities to show the love of Jesus to our communities. 

The Crossing Thrift Store opened its ninth location in Keokuk, Iowa in December of 2020!

Funds provided
for assistance*


*Allocated toward various household needs and food pantries.

Amount given in clothing
and household vouchers


Families assisted with
various financial needs


Pounds recycled through
Thrift Stores


Families fed through
Food pantries


Jobs provided through
our thrift stores