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March 2020

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Christ for Asia Mission to the People

Reach India provides food, education, clean water, and medical resources to rural villagers in southern India. It is not only passionate about training and making disciples, but their goal is to send equipped pastors out to regions of India that have never heard the Gospel!

Save The Girl is just one of the many programs under Reach India's ministry. This ministry provides the funding to educate young girls who are in danger of being sold into human trafficking.

PV John founded Reach India in 1990 as a way to reach people living in rural southern India. Today, Reach India is comprised of a boy's and girl's home, Save The Girl, Feed A Widow, building wells for communities, hospital care, educational centers, and a tailoring school.

Mission Statement

Through a partnership with like-minded people, Reach India bears witness to the hope we have and shares this hope with the rural unreached people of Southern India.



Faithfully Nurturing Children

FNC Uganda is a Christ-centered ministry based in one of Kampala, Uganda's largest slums, called Kamwokya. This ministry shares the good news of Jesus Christ through four key areas:

1. The Fire Place: Since March of 2012, FNC Uganda gathers together on Friday evenings to create an environment of acceptance through Christ-centered acts of worship. This gathering allows people of all ages and all backgrounds to come together as a community.

2. Joy Club International: The FNC Uganda base camp is surrounded with impoverished children of all ages who are yearning for the love of Jesus. This ministry meets every Wednesday and is focused to create an environment where the children of Kamwokya are loved and accepted. Joy Club International accomplishes this through songs of praise, Bible lessons, crafts, snacks, and small group time.

3. World Changers: World Changers is FNC's teen ministry. This group is led by three amazing young men, Derick, Charles and Quinto. All three have been with us from the beginning, saw the need for “their” age and went for it. The World Changers meet every Saturday evening.

4. FNC Academy: The FNC Academy began with a simple letter written by an underprivileged little girl named Christine. Through her boldness and written words, God made it clear we needed to begin not only to teach the love of Jesus, but to show the love by educating, clothing and feeding His children.

Mission Statement

FNC exists to bring Hope to the people of Kampala, Uganda.


Bread Of Life

Pan de Vida is a non-profit organization located in Quito, Ecuador. Pan de Vida’s vision is to gather the resources needed to help the people of Ecuador  come to a personal relationship with the Jesus Christ, and to develop to the fullest their God-given potential. Pan De Vida’s mission is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and meet the immediate needs of people in Ecuador. Pan de Vida works in cooperation with other organizations by providing: hunger relief, education, health, shelter, microbusiness support, and emergency relief. Currently Pan De Vida is supporting hundreds of Venezuelan refugees seeking asylum by providing daily meals.

Mission Statement

Helping the Less Fortunate reach their God Given Potential.



Fishers of Men is a Christ-centered ministry that provides safe, clean, Christ-centered transitional housing for men dealing with homelessness, alcoholism, imprisonment, and drug addiction. The ministry's purpose is to provide spiritual, practical, financial, emotional, and social guidance for the men who live in the homes.

The Fishers of Men ministries began in 2011 when an individual was released from prison with no place to go. A house was purchased for him to live in. Today, Fishers of Men provides housing for more than 30 men in the city of Quincy, IL. Their dream is to expand into all the cities where a Crossing campus exists!

Mission Statement

Providing housing needs for Men, so they can focus on their Personal Goals.


Bread Of Life

The needs of our city are deeply overwhelming. We are hyper-segregated racially, economically, physically, and even spiritually. We have denigrated into patterns of anger, greed, and poverty. The need is great and that is why LOVEtheLOU exists. We are a movement of restoration for Saint Louis. As an organization, we know the need and believe that God has given us a vision for seeing the city restored to Him. We feel called to connect the needs of the city with an abundance of resources and the people who have the desire to serve.

What Is LOVEtheLOU?

LOVEtheLOU volunteers turn vacant lots into gardens, rehab apartments, create business, and refinish storefronts. These completed projects are then handed over to neighbors to build up community.


Christ for Asia Mission to the People

CAMP was established by Dr. Ahdee Wayezi, a Myanmar national who has extensive biblical training in the United States. Myanmar is a predominantly Buddhist country, formerly known as Burma. CAMP spreads the gospel of Jesus Christ through not only translating biblical doctrine from English to the Burmese and Lisu languages, but it also provides discipleship training and lends support to area churches. In addition, CAMP also distributes Christ-based materials to churches in China, Thailand, and Myanmar.

Ahdee teaches at the Myitkyina Christian Seminary to train men and women in biblical doctrine, equipping them to become church pastors, evangelists, scholars, and leaders.

Mission Statement

Providing pastoral support through training and discipleship.


Hebrew for "Healing"

Rapha House is a public benefit 501(c)3 non-profit committed to ending the trafficking and sexual exploitation of children. Founded in 2003, Rapha House continues to rescue and rehabilitate children, while bringing them to lasting freedom. Love - Rescue - Heal is more that just a slogan, it's a way of life.

Rapha House is a Christian organization that takes seriously the Scripture "Dear children, let us not love with words or speech, but with actions and in truth" (1 John 3:18). It is with compassion, energized and sustained by love, that Rapha House acts on behalf of victimized children throughout the world.

Mission Statement

To end the trafficking and sexual exploitation of children through aftercare for victims, prevention for the vulnerable, and awareness for all.


Christ-Centered Home

The Well House is a Christ-centered ministry that guides women who have been recently released from prison to freedom in Christ. The one-on-one discipleship, bible study, and small groups help the women build a God-based foundation and life skills.

The Well House began in 1996 as a prison ministry for the Adams County Jail with a team of 12-14 women going in pairs each Saturday morning to conduct bible studies, distribute bibles, and to pray over the women still incarcerated.

Today, the jail ministry continues, along with a home to care for and disciple the women as they leave the prison. The hope is to give them the necessary tools to make it possible for them to lead productive lives in our community with Jesus in their hearts.

What Is The Well House?

A Christ-Centered program for women coming out of incarceration and/or drug treatment facilities.