Dear Crossing Church Family,

2019 has been a “packed” year for The Crossing church staff and family, full of structural changes to streamline our church for maximum efficiency while growing in our effectiveness for the Kingdom.  Here’s a shortlist of some of those changes. 

The biggest project we had was to build out and launch our Jacksonville location as part of Wreck The Roof. We are praying this great ministry tool will produce an incredible harvest in that community.  The gospel was advanced at the Vandalia Women’s Prison and the Jacksonville Correctional Center through The Crossing Inside.  The Inside ministry baptized 149, contributing to our total number of 712 for the year!  We did a massive and needed refit of the 48th St. location, and it turned out incredible!  We are in the process of facility changes designed to benefit our 929 location as well. 

We switched from Pushpay to Gyve for online giving (this accounts for nearly half of our giving now), changed our database, our accounting software, our phone systems, our payroll system, our website,  our email provider, and our technology for broadcast to locations.  We also created an entirely new app and camp website.  Whew!  All these moves saved money and made us more efficient while making us more effective.  Our worship ministry was reorganized around our three hubs, and we are moving our technical ministries in the same direction.  We navigated leadership transitions at our Kirksville and Keokuk locations, and both are doing very well!  All that to say that 2019 was a “packed” year, but it sets us up for an incredible 2020.  I want to thank an incredible staff that stepped up to make so many things possible.

Much of our year has been defined by Wreck The Roof, our generosity initiative that started about 20 months ago.  While we are a long way from our goals and pledging, we have adapted to that reality and taken incredible ground as the rest of this report will reflect.  I encourage you to finish strong in these final four months!  Like many of you, I can get so caught up in the day-to-day responsibilities and opportunities, I can fail to focus on the bigger picture of what a year can do.  Reports like this remind me of that powerful truth… I hope it does the same for you.

I think it would be hard not to thank the Lord for His incredible mercy, His favor, and His blessing as we reflect on the past year.

If you are a part of The Crossing family, thank you for your partnership in spreading the gospel in this and many areas of the world, and helping people to find and have an intimate personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I encourage you to step up as a Difference Maker, finding and developing your unique gifts into the body of Christ.

Location Statistics

People attended Easter Weekend

People involved in life groups

People attended Christmas Weekend

People reached over the course of a month

People visited for the first time in 2019

People serving each weekend

We Celebrated
712 Baptisms!

The roughly 17,088 gallons of water* would fill a 16’x32′ swimming pool!

*Average human water displacement is 24 gallons. (We do purify and recycle baptistry water.)



Given through 2019


Given Online



First-Time Givers

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For more information, please contact [email protected]

Crossing Kids


Crossing Kids/Week


New Families


Difference Makers/Week


Macomb CKX Students


Kids to Difference Makers


Quincy CKX Students

Crossing Preschool

219 Students

Attending Quincy and Macomb preschools

Crossing Inside

This year, we…

– Started a Crossing Inside ministry at Vandalia Women’s Prison

– Started a Bible Study at the Jacksonville prison and celebrated several baptisms

– Started a correspondence ministry for Crossing Inside, responding to letters written by inmates to The Crossing

– Started a prayer ministry specifically for inmates and their prayer requests

Rise 2019

Women’s Conference


Women attended

That’s about 892
pumpkin spice lattes

Uncommon 2019

Men’s Conference


Men attended

About 62 Cows
contributed to the brisket

Wreck The Roof

Wreck the Roof is a 2-year initiative aiming to powerfully accelerate the mission and presence of Jesus into rural environments and into each of our lives.

Crossing Camp


Difference Makers


The Crossing’s DEVELUP Leadership Program started in 2018 and is designed to provide the exposure, experience, and education necessary to bring up the next generation of leaders.

13 in campus leadership
6 in worship
3 in production
3 in media

Together, these members represent 5 different states. Our sessions are run September through August, with 20 total DEVELUPers at a time.

*These numbers represent 2 classes of DEVELUP staff.

Mission Partners


People went on 12 Mission Trips

The Crossing has 9 Mission Partners in 7 countries!

International Partners


4 People


3 People


22 People


43 People


7 People


Domestic Partners

Love The Lou

111 People

Fishers of Men
Well House

Donated out of One Mission Cafe sales

Crossing Online










people joined us online
for Easter weekend

Top Viewing Countries

1. USA    2. Germany    3. Ecuador     4. Uganda     5. Thailand

Bulgaria • Chile • Dominican Republic • France • Mexico
Nigeria • Spain • South Korea • UK • Ireland • Russia • Australia • Canada

Crossing Thrift Stores


Pounds this year

That’s enough to fill almost



curbside bins on 6.5 football fields


items sold


families assisted through
our food pantry




given in clothing and
household vouchers


given to families
in need

We introduced new digital features


Our new website launched in February, with over


visits throughout the year.

One Crossing App

We launched the new mobile app in September, with nearly


downloads, including mobile, tablet, and TV.

Live Stream

THECROSSING.TV live stream received a design update and introduced “Dark Mode” to enhance the viewer experience.

Our weekend live service broadcast also improved with the release of the One Crossing App, allowing you to watch anywhere, as well as cast to your tv.


We launched a brand new website, designed specifically for our camp in Rushville, IL. This new website provides a better experience for visitors and has also opened the door for outside groups to utilize the camp for their own programs.