From Pastor
Jerry Harris

Dear Crossing Church Family,

I write these words looking back on an incredibly packed and powerful year for our church, thankful beyond words for the work that God has done around us, in us, and through us.  My year started with the unexpected.  A medical challenge made the incredibly full schedule all that much harder, but God’s faithfulness through it transformed the challenge into something much sweeter.  2018 marked the rollout of “Wreck The Roof”, a 2-year generosity initiative that would push us forward to take new territory for the Kingdom like never before.  We targeted new locations, major upgrades to existing locations, a new camp, a new leadership pipeline, and the elimination of debt.

I visited each location, sharing our vision for the future with Difference Makers.  We later gathered together at 48th Street to step out in faith, leading the way for the rest of our congregation.  We asked for 100% participation to pray and seek God for His direction.  Our commitment topped 26 million dollars over two years to make those initiatives a reality while we asked God to wreck us. While we have a ways to go in our giving to catch up to our commitments, we can all see what God has done!

We welcomed a new location, The Crossing Monmouth, to the family and started work on our next location in Jacksonville, scheduled to launch on April 14, 2019.  We did major upgrades at most of our locations to boost the effectiveness of ministry.  In the summer, we launched our first camp with 1410 campers and over 1000 additional leaders.  We hired 20 new full-time DEVELUP residents for a new and exciting leadership pipeline.  We also took aim at our debt, reducing it by over one million dollars.

While that was happening, we continued in the work that God does in us and through us on a regular basis.  We celebrated 799 baptisms, 5320 in the last six years!  We launched a new Crossing Inside location at the Vandalia Women’s Prison with over 100 attending.  Over 3000 people connect with us weekly online!  Just glancing through this report will remind us all of how much has been accomplished.  Like many of you, I can get so caught up in the day-to-day responsibilities and opportunities, I can fail to focus on the bigger picture of what a year can do.  Reports like this remind me of that powerful truth… I hope it does the same for you.

I think it would be hard not to thank the Lord for His incredible mercy, His favor, and His blessing as you reflect on the past year.  As I look in the rearview mirror, it is obvious that God was there for me, sustaining and strengthening me for the tasks ahead and now behind me, just as He was there for all of us.

If you are a part of The Crossing family, thank you for your partnership in spreading the gospel in this and many areas of the world, helping people to find and have an intimate personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  If you’re  an outside observer, I hope is report is an encouragement to you to either join The Crossing or another church that’s taking ground for the Kingdom.

The Roof


Wreck the Roof is a 2-year initiative aiming to powerfully accelerate the mission and presence of Jesus into rural environments and into each of our lives.


WTR Commitments


First-Time Givers


In the past 11 years, God has blessed our church with the resources and capabilities to open ten Crossing locations in Illinois, Missouri, and Iowa. Through a multi-site model, we are able to reach more people as God expands His movement through our church. Our goal is to reach people in small communities and provide them with identical worship experiences at a location that is convenient for them to attend and invite their friends, spreading the good news of the Gospel to people far from God.

799 Baptisms

1,850 People

serving weekly


17,113 average monthly at campuses
193 average at Crossing Inside
3,007 average Online

5,929 People

visited for the first time

5,238 People

involved in Life Groups


70% of people who watch online, watch from a city that doesn't have a Crossing location


We believe the church is the hope of the world and have utilized .TV to have a farther reach for anyone without Christ. We will take big, faith-filled risks and never insult God with small thinking and safe living.

42 Countries


Our first .TV location is getting ready to open its doors as a new campus in Jacksonville!



video plays



average watch time


unique devices

Benevolence Ministry

Just as the early church did, our benevolence team has the sole goal of meeting the needs of our communities. The ministry is completely funded by The Crossing Thrift Stores in 8 communities.

2,257 Families

fed through the food pantry

2,592 BIAB

Blessings in a Backpack sent to homes

294,940 lbs

recycled through thrift stores

626,391 Items

sold through thrift stores

202 Families

received financial assistance

$15,000 Given

in thrift store vouchers

$73,358 Given

to families in need

1,410 Kids

attended summer camps

81 Decisions

made for Christ

6 Camps

provided throughout summer

Crossing Camp is our home away from home. It has hosted camps and retreats for youth and adults alike. We can’t wait to watch the impact of this camp grow each year.


At The Crossing, we’re serious about worship. We believe it’s what we were created for – to honor and glorify God. We’re passionate about encountering Jesus together.


of online album release party
300,000+ total reach

8 Members

in Campus Leadership

4 Members

in Worship

4 Members

in Production

3 Members

in Media

The Crossing’s DEVELUP Leadership Program was started in 2018 and is designed to provide the exposure, experience, and education necessary to bring up the next generation of leaders.

Together, these members represent 6 Crossing campuses and 5 different states.


As parents, we want to prioritize our children. We want to do everything we can to invest in them relationally, to guide them developmentally and to help them grow in their faith in Christ.


Preschoolers 2017/2018


Preschoolers 2018/2019



580 Kids

in Early Childhood each week

755 Kids

in Elementary each week
412 Difference Makers each week

202 Youth

in Fuse each week

306 Students

in 43 Small Groups
serve in Crossing ministries

740 Women

attended RISE 2018

704 Men

at Men’s Conference in 2018

11,407 People

joined us for Easter services

14,186 People

joined us at a location for one of
our 30 Christmas Services


We are relevant. With this core value, we have committed to doing fresh things in fresh ways to reach those no one else is reaching. Each event is created with this in mind.



Jesus calls each of us to follow Him, to be changed by Him, and to be about His mission – reconciling a lost world to God through Christ Jesus. This is our mission. We do this, not of our own power, but through the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit. We do this wherever we go – with our neighbors in our community, as we travel throughout this country, and as we leave our borders to take the message of the Gospel to distant lands.

The Well House

The founder of The Well House, Betty Kaufman, recently passed away. Since creation, there have been 58 residents in the residential program and several others in the non- residential program. The Well House Jail Ministry Program has been teaching in the Adams County Jail on Saturday mornings for 20 years, interacting with 3,120 women through Bible Study and prayer. Well Done, Betty. 

169 Individuals

participated in 16 TRIPS


Jan 29 – Feb 9

FNC Uganda

May 21-31 8 PEOPLE





Fishers of Men

average of 60 MEN annually
25% HIGHER retention since 2017

Rapha House

Mar 1-10

Pan De Vida

Jun 21-29 28 PEOPLE

Care India

December 11 PEOPLE

Love the Lou



Every financial decision funds our mission of introducing lost souls to an intimate, personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

For more information, please contact [email protected]