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     The Crossing has also moved aggressively into the area of benevolence. Presently we operate five thrift stores – two in Quincy, one in Macomb, one in Mt. Sterling, and one in Kirksville. We also plan to open one in the near future in Hannibal. The income from these ventures has exponentially increased funds available for local benevolence. Interfacing with ministries like Celebrate Recovery and Jobs for Life, The Crossing offers jobs and job placement, counseling, financial assistance, and encouragement.

     As of 2014, The Crossing has grown from a small local church of 230 to a multi-site mega-church of nearly 7,000 ministering in a region covering 3 states, 9 counties over 165 miles wide, sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. We continue to endeavor to change one life at a time by introducing all kinds of people to an intimate, personal relationship to Jesus Christ.

     The Crossing is an independent, non-denominational Christian Church started in Quincy in March of 1974. Madison Park Christian Church planted it as Payson Road Christian Church with 58 volunteers, holding services at Monroe Elementary School. A land purchase and building program later, which became the church located at 2901 Payson Road.

     In 1998, Payson Road made the decision to tighten its focus on the "un-churched" by becoming a mobile church. It began setting up and tearing down equipment for services in the Quincy Senior High School auditorium, creating a more neutral environment that would be less intimidating. That step of faith opened doors to a permanent home, the 22 acre, 64,000 square foot John Wood Community College campus at 48th and Maine Street in Quincy. Our new location needed a new name. We became Payson Road Christian Church at The Crossing, later shortened to simply The Crossing.  In 2005, the church was completely out of space even with four services and so we added a new 30,000 square foot auditorium to accommodate existing and future growth.

One Church, Multiple Locations

      A desire to reach out beyond our own community to others in our region caused us to investigate multiple Crossing sites. On October 7, 2007, we opened our first multi-site campus in Macomb, Illinois. While the campus has its own local staff, the sermons are broadcast live from our 48th Street campus.  Similar ministries are available in both locations. From its opening, the renovated grocery store has become the largest church in Macomb with average weekend attendance around 1,200.

     In light of The Crossing Macomb’s success, we opened a campus in Kirksville, Missouri in November of 2008.  We purchased the former Brown Shoe factory on the south side of Kirksville and renovated it.  Just like Macomb, Kirksville has its own staff and the sermons are broadcast. Kirksville averages over 600 in weekly attendance. It was the largest church in the area when it opened its doors.

     2008 also marked a major shift in The Crossing’s approach to ministry. It came through the recognition of truly making disciples in relational environments. The church began to reorganize into small groups in order to raise up leaders doing ministry, giving them places to play and reproducing themselves in those they were pouring into. This shift helped The Crossing to gain momentum as the 27th fastest growing church of any kind in the country per the September 2009 edition of Outreach Magazine. The Christian Standard also listed The Crossing as the #1 fastest growing church in the brotherhood of Independent Christian Churches.

     On February 7, 2010, The Crossing opened its second campus in Quincy, Illinois. The Crossing bought and refurbished a building that formerly was the Unity Church at 929 Monroe Street. The money to purchase and renovate the 1874 facility was given in a single offering. This location also has its own staff and receives sermon broadcasts from the 48th Street campus. 929, as we lovingly call this campus, runs over 500 in weekly attendance.

     In 2011, The Crossing opened two campuses. One in Pittsfield, Illinois on February 20, 2011, and the other in Hannibal, Missouri on May 1, 2011. The Pittsfield campus meets in a rented facility and averages 400 in weekly attendance. We are earnestly seeking for a permanent home for Pittsfield.

     The Crossing in Hannibal started out its life setting up and tearing down in the local YMCA.  Its quick growth led us to the Orpheum Theater in downtown Hannibal. The 1,000 seat 1922 theater was once the jewel of the city but had fallen into sad disrepair. The Crossing purchased and completely rehabilitated the theater to its former glory. On April 29, 2012, The Crossing met for the first time at the Orpheum to worship and filled it to capacity. Today the young congregation ministers to over 1,100 a weekend, making it the largest church in the city, once again.

     In late 2012, we experienced our first church acquisition. The Federated Church of Lima, IL approached us about the possibility of dissolving and turning over their church and other assets to us. On November 18, 2012, Lima officially opened its doors as The Crossing – Lima, our 7th location. Lima has seen attendance grow from 30 to as high as nearly 200 – not bad for a town of 125 people!

     On April 28th, 2013, Cornerstone Christian Church in Mt. Sterling, Illinois, voted to partner in ministry with The Crossing, turning over their facilities to more effectively reach their area. In doing so, they became The Crossing – Mt. Sterling, our 8th location, with attendance of 200 every week.

     An opportunity to open a 9th campus came in 2013 in Keokuk, Iowa, expanding The Crossing to 3 states. We purchased and renovated the Millennium Center at Timea and 7th St. and opened on March 2, 2014. We have seen God take the reigns in Iowa - ministering to around 300 people.

How We Became The Crossing

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